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Residential Approach

Our firm covers all aspects of NYC residential real estate law for both the seller and buyer’s sides of transactions This includes, but is not limited to financing negotiations, coop and condominium offering planning, land surveying, real estate appraisals, engineer reports, title abstracts, and real estate broker agreements, and due diligence. We provide services covering:

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Commercial Approach

Our firm covers all legal aspects of the leasing and purchasing of commercial property in NYC, including corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, leases, subleases, use licenses, broker agreements, mortgages, construction contracts, and due diligence. Our services cover:

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Coop and Condominium Representation

Baisley Law covers all legal aspects of the leasing and purchase of Coop and Condominium properties in NYC, including conversions, development project plans, agreements, contracts, leases, mortgages, and due diligence.

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Representation of Artists, Artist Certification & Joint Live/Work

Baisley Law specializes in representing NYC based artists looking to certify their joint living/studio space through the NYCDCA. We work alongside individuals to draft and file their official certification applications, providing professional advocacy and an insider’s expert knowledge.

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Why Choose Us

Baisley Law provides clients expert levels of professional real estate advocacy. When working with us, clients receive:

Years of professional experience

Margaret D. Baisley, Esq has over 26 years of professional experience in the field.

Unparalleled personal attention

Personal attention is paid to each of our client’s specific needs as related to their context.

Simplified legal processing

We know our way around all aspects of legal documentation and application - saving our clients stress, time, and money.

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News & Publications

The Treasure Trove on the Ground Floor

April 12, 2013

Now that the 80-20 rules have been relaxed, said Margaret D.Baisley, a real estate lawyer with her own practice in SoHo, those entities who formed these master leases want to take them back, but other investors have come to own them and they don't want to change the scheme, to the detriment of the building...

Push to Count SoHo Artists Stirs Debate

July 6, 2012

The committee said it has raised $30,000 to conduct a survey to determine how many artists certified by the city still live in SoHo and how many retail spaces are being occupied illegally.

Wealth, Beauty and Their Many Lovers

November 6, 2011

The SoHo NoHo Action Committee, a group founded by Ms. Baisley, met recently with planning officials to argue for a rezoning to let nonartists live legally in their lofts.

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